Product features

  • Beautiful, 6ft., high-quality rose gold "Happy Birthday" Glitter Bunting Banner. Reusable!
  • 18 - 12" rose gold balloons
  • 10 matching 12" confetti balloons (you can also pop them for an incredibly fun confetti explosion!)
  • 2 Giant 40 inch rose gold Mylar balloons (a 2 and a 1)
  • 2 18 inch rose gold Mylar star balloons

Product Description

This rose gold balloon set is perfect to throw a 21st birthday party that will never be forgotten. The balloons can also easily be used for a 1st birthday party, and 2nd birthday party, and/or a 12th birthday party. The rose gold balloons provide decorations that are both festive and beautiful. It is the perfect decor for your birthday party surprise!

✔️ 1 piece – 40 inch #2 Mylar/Foil Balloon (Rose Gold)
✔️ 1 piece – 40 inch #1 Mylar/Foil Balloon (Rose Gold)
✔️ 2 piece – 18 inch Star Mylar/Foil Balloons (Rose Gold)
✔️ 10 piece – 12 inch Confetti Balloons (Rose Gold)
✔️ 18 piece – 12 inch Latex Balloons (Rose Gold Pearl)
✔️ 1 set – 84 inches wide, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Glitter Bunting Banner (Rose Gold). Incredibly high quality and reusable.

INFLATING INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: Be sure to inflate balloons to size, without overinflating.

CONFETTI BALLOON INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: Rub the balloon on your shirt (or something staticky), and then shake to make the confetti pieces stick to the sides of the balloon.

If bought individually, it’s a $40+ dollar value. Party City would charge over $50 for the set (and does not offer a bunting banner) We have put this beautiful 21st Birthday Decorations set together for the affordable price of $27.99.

When you are finished with your party, be sure to pop the confetti balloons while they are in the air for a fun confetti explosion!

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