20g of Thermochromic Temperature Activated Pigment Powder - Heat Sensitive Color Changing Powder for Slime, Paint, Resin, Epoxy, Nail Polish, Ink, Screen Printing, Fabric Art, Casting (Magenta)

Product Description

TEMPERATURE ACTIVATED - This thermochromic pigment changes at 88⁰F (31 ⁰C) from colored to transparent (colored below the temperature, transparent above)

NON-TOXIC - This powder is safe for skin contact and uses no harsh chemicals (but not intended for consumption). Great for making color-changing slime, play dough, Sugru, Polymorph, and nail polish

VERSATILE - This heat-sensitive pigment is perfect for a wide range of arts and crafts and mixes well with most mediums, paints, and resins. Make your own heat-sensitive mugs, secret messages, mood rings, nail polish, slime/goo, or whatever you can imagine

HIGH QUALITY - This powder is ultra fine with vibrant colors

EASY TO USE - Simply add pigment to a clear base and mix well. Keep in mind that mixing generates heat which may temporarily change the color of the mixture. It is recommended to start with a very small amount of pigment and add more until the desired color is achieved. A ratio of 1 part pigment to 20 parts base is a good starting point.

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