2.5mm 10 Pairs Eyeglass Sunglass Glasses Spectacles Anti-Slip Silicone Stick on Nose Pad Soft Anti-Slip Silicone Non Slip Clear

Product Description

Easy to Use: these nose pads are quick and easy to apply. Pro tip, clean both the frames and your fingers before applying the nose pads for better, longer lasting results.

Approximent Measurements: Length 17mm Height 2.5 mm

Variety: The nose pads come in a variety of sizes. making it easy to find a pair that works for you!

Comfortable: The soft silicone material will sit comfortably on your nose and will slightly raise your glasses for a better fit.

Affordable: These nose pads are an affordable solution to poorly fitted glasses. Don't waste your time and money buying new frames when there is a simple fix!

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