100% Natural Chalkboard Cleaner Spray and Eraser Kit by VersaChalk (250 mL) - Remove Liquid Chalk Marker Ink from Chalk Board Signs, Whiteboard, Dry Erase Marker Board, and Blackboard

Product Description

CLEAN STAINED CHALKBOARDS: Your chalkboard will look like new in minutes with the VersaChalk chalkboard cleaner spray and eraser kit! Remove stubborn ink stains from whiteboards, chalk board signs, Dry Erase Marker Board, and Blackboard.

ALL NATURAL & NON-TOXIC: Perfect for households with kids, pets, and people with allergies. Biodegradable, chemical free magic eraser contains melamine foam. Water-based chalkboard eraser spray has minimal odor, and contains no fragrance, alcohol, ammonia, or petrochemicals.

"FOR CHALKBOARDS & WHITEBOARDS: The cleaning kit isn't just for chalkboards! The formula removes ink stains from painted surfaces, porous chalkboards, whiteboards, glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic. "

"SPRAY, ERASE, WIPE: Each cleaning kit includes 250 mL (8.5 oz) chalk board cleaner spray, 2 magic erasers, and a durable microfiber cloth. Spray the board surface, wipe with the cloth, and erase any remaining marks with the magic eraser sponge. "

WHAT'S IN THE BOTTLE? Our Liquid Chalk Spray Solution includes de-ionized water, Lauric Glucoside, Sucrose Ester, Glycine, and Lauryl betain (plant derived).

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