Product features

  • 1Lb - Undyed Corriedale Cross Wool Roving Spinning Fiber
  • Excellent wool for Needle Felting, Wet Felting, and Spinning
  • Perfect for Beginning Spinners and Felters
  • Beautiful natural luster, long staple length and micron count between 25 and 32

Product Description

This Corriedale cross has all the characteristics of a natural Corriedale wool, but has been cross bred to create a softer wool. The Corriedale breed hails originally from Australia and New Zealand where farmers decided to cross Merino ewes with Lincoln or Leicester males. These sheep are now raised worldwide. The fleeces are densely packed but each fiber is thicker than its Merino counterpart. Corriedale Cross has a beautiful natural luster to it. With an almost white/ecru natural color, a long staple length, and a definite crimp this wool is perfect for beginner and advanced spinners. This fiber is soft! Perfect for dying projects or felting projects. The average micron count for fibers is between 25 and 32. This fiber is perfect for needle felting! The springy texture and individual large diameters of the fibers make it easier for the needle barbs to catch the fibers . Adding corriedale to a wet felting project helps slow the felting process giving you more control over the final result, also making the finished wet felted project more bulky.

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